Many manufacturers and trading houses are perhaps outsourcing packing, storing and transporting works. However, if those companies are dealing with several contractors for each job, they may not fully enjoy the total merit of these works. Dealing with our own group companies, such as Japan Capacitor Industrial Co., Ltd., Kawatake Electronics Co., Ltd., Sanko Kousan reduces organizational and general costs and shortens process time by proceeding packing, storing and transporting jobs in parallel and/or at the same time.

In these days, it becomes more important to be aware of the costs and time of manufacturing and sales while competitions among companies are escalating. Sanko Kousan is ready to provide you with solutions, waiting for your orders.

●Dismantling and Exporting Equipment

Sanko Kousan provides equipment dismantling and exporting services.

●Packing Services

Introducing not just wooden frame packing, but also steel packing, carton packing and urethane foam packing, Sanko Kousan is proactively pursuing swiftness, safety as well as low costs.

  • ○Reasonable packing proportionate to the shape and weight of products (wooden box, palette, reinforced cardboard, etc.)
  • ○Lightening packages by changing wooden boxes to cardboard.
  • ○Taking disposal and the environment into account, wooden palettes are replaced with plastic and steel palette.

●Customs House Broker Yokohama Customs Permission

Customs and Customs-clearing at Yokohama

  • ○By introducing Sea-NACCS, products are cleared through customs in our warehouse!

●Storing Services and Bond Warehouse

・Head Office (Tomiokahigashi Warehouse) 1,130M2 (Bonded Storage Area 897M2)

・Yamashita Office (in Yamashita Pier) 2,800M2

  • ○Keeping product quality of sensitive products by carefully handing them.
  • ○Preventing erroneous shipping by organizing.
  • ○Quality control by air conditioning (partial).


By building up vanning technologies, Sanko Kousan pursues more efficiency.

  • ○Handling packaging for export directly to containers without domestic transportation.
  • ○Due to shoring (fixing) suitable to products, products can be safely transported.

●Customs-clearance Services

Customs and Customs-clearing at Yokohama

  • ○By introducing Sea-NACCS, products are cleared through customs in our warehouse!

●International Integrated Transportation Services

As a forwarder company, Sanko Kousan has organized a transportation network around the world, providing door-to-door transportation services.

●Domestic transportation Services General Motor Truck Transportation Business

Transportation with an organization efficient transportation system by arranging light pick-ups, heavy trailers to marine containers.

  • ○Reducing costs by utilizing consolidated cargo services and return services.
  • ○Shortening transportation time by utilizing the characteristics of the region-designated cargo service.
  • ○Safe and accurate delivery by utilizing our own cargo service.